Tradition is something that we as Americans take very seriously.

Our Parents dream about one day passing their hard earned business on to their children. In June 2012, Jose Luis Marquez passed the family business, “Chicago Italian Beef and Pizza”, on to his daughter, Rosio Caro.

As a Child was afforded  the opportunity to learn about “Chicago” style of cooking becase her family had lived in Chicago for many years. before becoming the new Chef/Owner, Rosio had always dreamed of having a carefree family style restaurant. “I always wanted to open a casual place where i could serve some of the traditional food of Chicago, not knowing that Houston, Texas would become my home.

At Chicago’s one can sit and enjoy a cold frosted beer, a one of a kind deep dish pizza, a gyro, an Italian beef au’jus dipped, a philly cheese steak sandwitch, or our famous “Chicago” hot dog served on a poppy seed bun. Let’s not forget about our assorted salads and pasta dishesthat are served with homemade garlic bread that is baked here daily.


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